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Boehner’s War Against the Tea Party

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What we are watching is the demolition derby of the Republican Party. John Boehner is about as corrupt a politician as you can imagine. He makes countless donations because it is the Speaker of the House who lets anything move to the floor to be voted on. If you do not pay Boehner, you will not get even a vote.

Boehner is out for blood. He hates the Tea Party and has waged civil war within the Republican Party to try to get rid of everyone who does not vote as he demands. He stands against all democratic principles and it is just raw politics.

Boehner’s aim is to put the Tea Party’s most zealous members on notice – he wants them defeated at all costs. This is Boehner dictating policy within the Republican Party for he intends to take the Party back to his brand of politics. He is against ANY REFORM and is as bad as the Democrats. In his hand, he is destroying the Republican Party and that seems to be directly on schedule.


We have been warning for the last 20 years that by the Presidential election of 2016, there will be a reasonable chance that we could end up with a new third-party president. Keep in mind that this is one year after the turn in the ECM 2015.75. One year is more than enough to hurt a lot of people and we may end up with a major uprising politically where people move to an economic conservative alignment. Boehner’s civil war is therefore precisely on target with our models. This is the man that ensures we MUST crash in burn for he could care less about the well-being of the nation or the world, this is about power and money for those in Washington. No long-term plans. They are just stealing whatever they can before they leave the room.