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Bloomberg News – Abuse of Client Trust

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We are in the information age far beyond what anyone imagines. They are forming a new police force in Camden New Jersey and all applicants must give information right down to former girlfriends, ex-wives, birth dates of friends. Why is everyone being compelled to give such detailed profiles of their lives?

At Bloomberg News, journalists have had access to what clients are looking at. They know who is looking at what. That sort of information in the financial markets can be the ultimate insider trading tips.

I rejected Bloomberg terminals when they said I had to provide a fingerprint to access. Passwords were not good enough for Bloomberg. When it came to that, they will never get my business. It turns out they can track what every employee is looking at and their staff can access it. Why do they need such data?

Bloomberg top executives have known since 2011 their staff were using private information about clients.