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Bildebergs Losing Control?

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; There are people who claim you refuse to see the obvious that there is a group called the Bildebergs that they insist even Hillary Clinton admitted they do nothing without consulting them. It just seems absurd that these people point to such all powerful groups who control the world in unison yet they cannot agree in Congress. Are they blind to human nature? My field is psychology. What they suggest is impossible for no such group would ever have a perpetual consensus. Congress, U.N., and the EU parliament illustrate this fact of life. Do you think human nature could possibly be different for such groups? Seems impossible for me.

QUESTION: The very law firm O’Melveny & Myers that destroyed your company and lied that you were managing money when you were buying portfolios attended the Bildeberg meeting in 2006. Was there no connection?

QUESTION: Does the European elections show the agenda of the Bildebergs is collapsing? Do you really think a one-world government could ever exist?


ANSWER: This idea of a one-world government has zero chance of ever unfolding. Human nature will never allow a single one-party government worldwide. To accomplish even such an attempt, it would ONLY happen after World War III emerging then from the ashes like Bretton Woods and the original purpose of the Bildeberg meetings. Honestly, it certainly seems that someone has sold an idea ahead of its time and that distracts people and the press from investigating the real threat – the government agenda to eliminate democracy and the prevailing political corruption.


It is government on the ropes. The Sovereign Debt Crisis is closing in. Nobody can stop this outcome. They are hunting money because they are dead broke and the stress is showing everywhere. Just wait for the pension crisis and we will see the unions acting like the Roman army sacking cities to pay their pensions.

Nevertheless, the agenda of the conspiracy-buffs to blame the Bildebergs to protect the politicians and the real evil in society is starting to lose ground. The conspiracy-buffs seem to be paid to put out this stuff tying strings of statements together with no hard evidence to pretend someone other than government is in charge. Well, the European elections have shown that agenda is not working. As long as they can blame the Bildebergs, that allows politicians to run and claim their will protect society. It is a great scam. I have been behind the curtain and NEVER have I ever seen such nonsense. I tried to negotiate a deal for Hong Kong with the Australian government to buy territory. Australia rejected every effort I made because they feared those in Hong Kong were not “Labour People” and would vote against the ruling party at that time. It was all about retaining power – not what I could put on the table for Australia, That meeting was face to face with Paul Keating. There were no calls to the Bildebergs.

Just because these people meet does not mean that they are in control. It is indeed impossible to get any such group to agree on anything. The entire original design was to foster better communications under the assumption that had there been such a connection there may have not been war. That is a pipe-dream. Yes, there was the belief that creating a single currency (federalization of Europe) would prevent war. I have stated countless times I was consulted on this at the birth of the federalization of Europe. I was friends with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and we had discussions on this subject and she disagreed with this agenda as did I.


This idea of joining the euro to prevent war was popular in the UK among the elite – yes even the Conservatives. This is why these Bildeberg meetings were secret. The idea was they would promote world peace through a single world order. However, this was an idea – not a unified one at that, and there was NEVER any 100% agreement or the power to force that agenda worldwide. Thatcher stood against it.

Europe has NOT panned out as the Bildeberg ideas had initially dreamed. That is a simple fact. The European Commission set itself up as a dictatorship BECAUSE it was moving on this agenda to Federalize Europe secretly. That is why they would not absorb the debt of member states. A single national debt would APPEAR like the Federalization of Europe that the KNEW the people would reject as they are doing right now. But the politicians thought they knew better and embarked on their own secret agenda and in the process they have become dictators. It has been in their own self-interest to retain the euro or Brussels will be shut down. Hence, the agenda to eliminate democracy.

Just because there are these Bildeberg meetings does NOT suggest there is a 100% agreement or that the White House has to consult with them before doing something. Anyone who believe that nonsense is an idiot. The EU agenda is now all about retaining the federalization of Europe and its political jobs. It is always Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand – there are NO exceptions. People who have power in Washington will NEVER lay that at the feet of some international group and obey any more than Putin would. Come on! That goes against human nature. Those who put out such nonsense are more likely paid or are real conspiracy nuts who see the world plotting against them and live their life in fear.


The UN gets together and does not agree. The European Commission created a dictatorship that was unelected and legally did not have to listen to elected officials because such groups will never agree. Do you really think the EU Commission would lay down its power to some international group? Absurd. What they will do now with the European elections clearly against their agenda that has been in place from the start will be interesting to see. This is why I have been saying we must crash and burn and then there will be a choice ONLY at that time – do we swing toward authoritarian-dictatorship as the European Commission or toward real democracy eliminating career politicians?


Yes, O’Melveny & Myers was on the list of attendees in the 2006 meeting. Does that mean the Bildeberg group took down Princeton Economics? No. They plastered my picture in the press at the start with Margaret Thatcher. I was very angry at that for she had nothing to do with Japan. I was told that this was a warning to politicians that if anyone tried to help me they would be exposed. This was a dirty deal and the partners at O’Melveny & Myers involved in the case lied outright. They would not even answer the complaints of the CFTC because they could not come up with anything other than they were false. To violate the CFTC you must have solicited an account in futures. The accounts were proprietary and we either bought portfolios or did currency deals on the carry trade at fixed rates of interest. There was NEVER a futures trading account in which the Japanese shared in any profits. So the CFTC complaint was total lies. O’Melveny & Myers covered that up.

The Bildebergs began in 1954 and they were instrumental in moving Europe toward the Treaty of Rome in 1957. The Treaty of Rome, officially the Treaty establishing the European Economic Community (TEEC), was an international agreement that led to the founding of the European Economic Community (EEC) on January 1, 1958. (1958.002) It was signed on March 25, 1957 (1957.23) by Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and West Germany. The word Economic was deleted from the treaty’s name by the Maastricht Treaty  December 9-10, 1991, which began November 1, 1993 (1993.83), for then and there they were revealing the EU of today – a political union with the federalization of Europe. The Treaty of Rome was repackaged as the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union on the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009.


If we take that starting date as the signing of the Treaty of Rome, we end up with 2008.83 (November 1, 2008), that is actually the lowest monthly closing in the first break of the Euro coming just 4 months from the record high. It appears all downhill from here on out for the EU Commission. That does not mean they will not fight back.


My point is this. There will NEVER be a 100% agreement in such a group. That goes against human nature. The EU Commission is all about retaining power. They created Brussels and now the euro must be defended for if that goes, there goes the federalization of Europe. These elections have demonstrated the people do not want a federalized Europe. The Bildeberg idea that this would promote peace was wrong. I can tell you a number of people now see that this is going nowhere and it in fact will have the exact opposite effect. I do not care what Hillary Clinton is claimed to have said. She has wanted to be the first woman President since birth. Do you really think she would be subordinate to an international undefined group? Get real.

You may get together to discuss, but that does not translate into power. The European experiment has failed. It is a mystery to me what people insist there has to be some giant collective mind pulling the strings behind everything. They have ZERO evidence of such power – just stringing together statements and claiming this is proof does not cut it. Our problems are REAL and it is governments with the tanks – not the Bildebergs. We are is a lot of trouble and there is nobody in charge which makes this much worse. It is what it is. We are going to hell in a hand-basket as they say. There will be war before their could ever be a new world order. The European elections demonstrate that.

1844 Phila Nativism Riot Againt Irish

During the 1800s after the Panic of 1837 and Andrew Jackson’s war on the Bank of the United States that set in motion the collapse of the state banking system, there were identical riots against immigrants from Europe in the USA. It is always a turn toward nationalism when unemployment rises. People naturally blame immigrants for taking their jobs. History repeats today in the European Elections because the emotional drivers of people never change. There was blood on the streets in American in 1844.