Biden & Super Rich

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Joe Biden is a great bullshit artist. I loved the way he keeps talking about taxing the “super rich” making everyone think it is Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. The truth is it is a couple each earning $125,000 GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell the damn truth. He makes it sound that the whole problem is the “super rich” have not paid enough. The real problem is his spending. Go ahead! Confiscate all the money and see what you get. No matter how much they extract, it will never be enough.

The system is dead broke. It is time for a complete monetary reform. We will not survive this decade intact. How about honest review of how we got where we are and how to prevent it from happening again. Unfortunately, the majority are ignorant and the Press is not “FREE” to tell them the truth. This is a real fix we are in Oli!