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Beware 2013

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The one resounding thing that emerged from this world tour and holding conferences in US, Asia, and Europe, was that there is a universal rising tide that realizes something is seriously wrong. In having our computer forecast every market around the world, the benefit was that the analysis is the same, without emotion, and void of human opinion. You just cannot forecast anything any more in isolation. The year 2013 came up in just about every market from Asia to Europe as a profound turning point on a global scale. There is nothing that could cause such a unified correlation but the Sovereign Debt Crisis. Governments are desperate for cash and beware. Anyone who thinks buying gold is the answer, realize one thing. Sales are recorded so many ways so it would not be hard for government to figure out who has gold and who does not. It is not just so easy. They know everything about everyone. Privacy no longer exists.

Governments everywhere are desperate for cash. The German socialists have blocked a tax deal with Switzerland because they want to know who has accounts there. It is no longer good enough for Switzerland to collect the tax and hand it in bulk form while protecting the names of individuals that was has been their law created back in 1934 when Hitler demanded the same information and was hunting the assets of any German outside the country. We are following the same policies as Hitler invoked. Anyone with an account out the country is a criminal. This has become about retribution – not just money. The hatred is just oozing out of every socialistic crack.

The US Presidential elections were the nastiest perhaps in history with Obama practically spitting at any household that earns $250,000 or more and Joe Biden calling these people the “Super Rich”. These are the same rantings of those who followed Lenin and Mao. It is all about retribution. They say whatever they need to say to win even if they do not believe the bullshit they are saying. But the problem emerging is they are stirring the masses who are devolving into class hatred that can only lead to class warfare. When you cut a tree, in which direction it falls depends on the angle of the cut. If you just cut it straight with no angle, then the decision may be just the wind. Life as we know it is being tested. Can we avoid the hatred and civil unrest that this bullshit is stirring up or must we sink into squallier?.

Because of the seriousness of what we face and the number of people asking for a conference not on trading, but just of surviving, we will try to arrange a conference in Philadelphia for the general public one day with a seat price of just $200 as a public service. Those interested should reserve a space so we can determine how big a room to provide. The date will be in March 2013.

Reserve your Space at: [email protected]