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Benchmark Cycles

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COMMENT: Marty; the metals report is amazing. The chapters illustrating the Benchmark Cycles is worth the price alone. I never saw cycles shown in so many variations and functions. That chapter by itself proves the goldbugs prefer to be wrong and no matter how far gold declines, they will always be in denial. I was one. Thank God for you I have survived. They defend theories at the price of constant losses. This is about making money. Not contributing to the very people they say manipulate gold. I cannot imagine why you would buy something that cannot rise. Your report shows it so clearly. There is a time and place for everything.

Thanks so much for this eye-opening report. I cannot wait for the stock markets and currencies.


REPLY: The old saying you cannot lead a horse to water comes to mind. They will always try to attack me with opinion for that is all they have. I agree, how can you defend someone who only says buy and then when you lose they blame manipulation but tell you to buy more. This is the most stunning fraud game of all time. I cannot believe some of these people are being paid by the very banks who want to sell.

The Benchmark Cycles clearly show how markets perform and when they produce highs you astonishingly have a bull market. When they flip and produce lows – guess what! It’s a bear market. You have to divorce yourself of the rhetoric. The same fundamentals have been regurgitated since 1971. They have proved nothing and caused many to lose everything.

This is about making money – not donating it to the banks. When this movie comes out you will hear someone say they talked to the main player in the metals say publicly they assumed they could always crush me. But in truth, I usually won. You cannot manipulate anything against the trend – only within the trend be it markets or politics. Why do you think the banks need bailouts all the time? They do not look at trend and assume they can just push things their way, and when that fails, they blow up big time for they fail to honestly use risk management.