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Belarus Imposes Price Controls as Ruble Falls

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The crisis in the Ruble is of course being portrayed as a Western plot to destroy Russia. The Council of Ministers of Belarus has issued a directive imposing an indefinite moratorium on raising consumer prices in the country. What is unfolding before our eyes is the end of Marxism – society is just too dumb to figure that out. Decades of attempted state control behind and in front of the Iron Curtain are bringing the world economy to the brink of a serious crisis we warned would be BIG BANG starting 2015.75.

1844 Phila Nativism Riot Againt Irish

The amount of capital destruction set in motion from the 2007.15 ECM turning point has been massive on a global scale but Europe has suffered the greatest given it has also been so infested with Marxism philosophy. This is more likely than not going to erupt as unfortunately class warfare as politicians will be eager to blame the “rich” for all their corruption and own failures. Yes there are groups like the bankers who people assume represent the “rich”. This is dangerous for this is how it started in Germany with the Jewish bankers and spread to all Jews. Here it may become an admixture of Jews/Rich, but the only thing that is certain is the majority will always rise up against the minority. Following the Sovereign Defaults of states during the 1840s in the aftermath of the Panic of 1837, there were riots in Philadelphia and wholesale kills of immigrants who were blamed for takes their jobs. This trend of anti-immigration can be seen in Britain, Germany and even Switzerland as well as in Asia including Singapore.


We can deal with this coming trend in two ways. First, you can just hide your head in the sand and pretend it will not happen. Second, we can understand its cause and then address the real problem – corruption in government with structural reforms. The more people who we can win over to understanding the nature of the beast, the greater the chances of rising from the ashes.