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Banks Warning if they Do not Trade with Other People’s Money Liquidity will Decline When Needed

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The Bankers have the Fed investigating the regulations in a very clever bid to trade wildly once again your and other people’s money. They are claiming that in the bond markets “Regulations have created multiple constraints likely to curtail liquidity when it is really needed.” This is the statement made by the ill-fated Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, which is a  group of bankers and investors. The implication is government will be screwed unless they can trade as we like because when it comes time to sell your debt, you will have great difficulty unless they can trade whatever, whenever, and without prosecution.

Bankers Testify

The bankers are using the collapse in liquidity by 50% that is global ever since 2007. This is NOT limited to bonds and it is not caused by the bank regulations. First of all, this group works on paying bribes and inside information that is by no means illegal EXCEPT in equities. Because of this rigging the game, the people of this group are absolutely NOT professional traders. They seek to create the trades – never analyze the markets. They follow each other and this is why they blow themselves out of the water every time and then run to government with their hand out.


Government is a fool. The bankers are telling them they need to trade with other people’s’ money to keep up “liquidity” or else in a crisis the government will shut down because they will be unable to sell their debt. Our computer model has accurately forecast EVERY single debacle. We have never missed one yet. That is NOT accomplished by my personal opinion nor do I “manipulate the world economy” as alleged in court papers. It is accomplished with sophistication of modeling that they do not grasp because they are too busy rigging the game with bribes and stuffing key government positions with their alumni.

This latest cry to get rid of the regulations by the bankers will destroy what is left of our free society for whenever they lose, they get the rubber-stamp from government to cover their losses. The next time these people blow-up again after 2015.75, government will hunt-down every dime in a parking lot and then they will authorize the bankers to just take accounts of innocent people – the new BAIL-INS. This is simple – Government allows these bankers to trade with other people’s money at the expense of our entire way of life and economic freedom. When they lose, we lose rights and pay higher taxes. There will be ZERO freedom left thanks to this failure of government to really be independent and not for sale to the highest bidder. We do NOT need bankers trading with depositor’s money. We do NOT have a Democracy where we can even make our voice heard. This is all about rigging the game – there is nothing left.