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Austrian Chancellor Impressed by the Swiss Tax System

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Faymann Werner

The Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann (SPÖ) was informed on Friday in Aarau of the design of the Swiss tax system. The distinction of the Swiss tax system that sets is apart from the rest of the world is that there is a certain basic trust in the population, Faymann said. “Everyone knows his duties. You do not build a system where one investigates at home, in the homes and kitchens going to see what ” they might have.

Faymann has hit the nail on the head at last. He has observed the problem with government – it is not structured for the benefit of the people, but to control the people. It is a confrontational structure that only fools think (1) they really have any say, and (2) it is not just about government maintain their control for their own self-interest,