Austria to Default on Bank Guarantees

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Austria is now planning a far-reaching reform of deposit insurance – default. You pay taxes all your life and you are told government is there to protect you. Austria demonstrates the future all nations will face for they now propose a bill which provides that savers’ deposits in Austria will no longer be guaranteed by government. The banks should be responsible for the safety of savings, not the government. Your taxes are just for their benefit, not to protect the people. This is the latest report from a Viennese newspaper press and standard.

Little by little, we are watching the collapse of government and the entire socialist agenda. Governments are incapable of managing the economy because they are inherently corrupt and cannot function for the benefit of the people when it always becomes a question between funding their life-style v the people. We just have to be honest here and look at this Public v Private battle that has waged since the first person put something on his head and claimed he was king.