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Australia Throws Out the Labor Government – It’s Taxes Stupid

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The Labor Party in Australian goes down with a real thump. Politicians have to wake up. This entire Marxist-Socialism agenda is collapsing the same as Marxist-Communism did in China and Russia. The main election issues in Australia were:

  1.  the economy,
  2.  reducing the number of asylum seekers arriving by boat (immigration),
  3.  taxes on carbon emissions

The trouble in Australian politics was seen in June when the PM Mr Rudd called for the election after defeating Julia Gillard in a leadership challenge. But the polling figures were showing Labor on a course for a total wipe-out. These leftist political parties worldwide will be getting a dramatic awakening. These tax and spend policies while lining the pockets of government workers is coming to an end. The US city of Detroit illustrates the crisis – about 50% of taxes goes to retired state workers. These taxes must go up or the government must shrink to cope with paying for retired employees. A child can figure out this system cannot continue.