Australia – Politicians Gone Wild

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It seems as though no matter what country we look at, the political class has turned into the worst bunch of people perhaps who have ever occupied office. There is just no exception. Australia’s cushion with the rise in commodities that created the mining boom is heading into meltdown mode. That boom glossed over the declining political trend. Now the political scene in Australia is just a joke. I will say this much. Their press is not entirely bought and paid for as in the United States. Even the German and British press beat the ethically challenged US press – the Pravda of the “Free World”.

Lately, I have personally received an ever increasing number of emails asking me to consider running for president. Then I just did a radio interview in Canada and the same question was asked, would I ever consider the job. I find this as indicative of the trend insofar as the rise of a third party. If people are asking me to run, it shows their frustration with the status quo.

Honestly, while flattering, my response has been that I could never kiss that much ass to rise to the position as a candidate for some party. The process of political office has become one who can survive the mudslinging, has think skin, and only wants the job to get rich and cut all sorts of deals for their family members. Just look at the Clintons, Diane Feinstein for starters and they are just the Democrat side who profess to “feel” the pain of the lower classes and they fill their pockets.

I could not imagine my confirmation hearing. “Sir; you helped Toyota and Mercedes out perform American auto-manufacturers. What do you have to say about that!” Any person who has actually done well in international commerce would be torn apart. “Did you not have a headquarters in Hong Kong?” They would turn qualifications to manage an economy into the sea of global economics as the very disqualification. Truly, I do not see how anyone would even want to apply for such a job if you are not interested in filling your pockets.

So what would it take to get someone qualified to run who is not a lawyer (which accounts for 40%+)? Probably a revolution for I do not see any way to deal with the current system that would allow anyone with real experience to take charge. Until we end up with real representation from ALL walks of life and not just lawyers who block any legal reform of their special industry, we are just screwed.