Australia – A Fresh Look at Down-Under

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QUESTION: Dear Martin,
I firstly wanted to commend you for all the valuable information contained in your website and for your vigilance and generosity in providing this free of charge.  I met you at a Seminar in Surfer’s Paradise, Queensland some years ago with Jack Houghton.  I had invested in your Australian gold fund and recall making $150,000 in one night – Happy Days!!
You have stated that the only place to invest money is in the US Share Market.  As an Australian living in Australia, I am wondering whether this advice also applies or are there other alternatives for investment here.
Kind regards
ANSWER: Yes. They were fun days, but I also rarely got much sleep to produce that track record. Nonetheless, I pointed out that India was an exception and the political reform could prove to be interesting. The AllOrds has to close above at lease 507000 at year-end to signal it is building a base. A yearly closing above 647000 is required to get the breakout. You can see that the high remains 2007. Despite the rise in gold into 2011, the AllOrds still fell into its low for 2009. This is good, for it shows that Australia is not just a gold play. The potential for a 2017 high still exists as long as the 2009 low holds.
We are starting to see a reversal in the political trend Downunder. The new budget is ending the Age of Entitlement as the socialists call it. The socialists keep expecting more and more and just rob it from someone else. But this trend is collapsing economically. Australia is starting at the beginning of the curve as we are seeing in India. This is well ahead of the USA and Europe. The AllOrds is something to watch for if it indeed starts to sustain recent gains, we can be looking at the high in 2017.