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Attacking the Messenger Didn’t Save Gold

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I have read much of the hateful vindictive slander that has been hurled at you by the gold community. It is really shocking how much some of these people hate you. The whole thing about Kristy was disturbing. I met people at your conference who sent her money claiming she needed it to scan reports. Then the story how they saved you when it was Congress who issued a letter to investigate your treatment. They even tried to take credit for that. I guess these are the very people who have to puke their guts out before the metals will ever turn. Just as you said, going into the low everyone will turn bearish. I listened and sold. Thank you so much for helping me to become a trader.

Thank you again


REPLY: Yes the stories these people have crafted are off the wall. I like how they pretend to put out comments from the kid who grew up across the street from me I happened to mention once. The problem, he died when we were kids so he is not the author of these comments they fabricate – Kenneth Siegel. Yes I was shocked at people soliciting money in my name. One friend sent $5,000 thinking he was helping me when they were exploiting readers. As for not being grateful and how the Goldbugs got Congress for me, it was the other way around. I put Nathan in contact with Glen Downs, they did not introduce Glen Downs to me. Everything they can twist upside down they have done.

No matter what they have fabricated, gold still went down. The idea that somehow desperately trying to paint me as some ungrateful jerk would stop people from listening to me and save gold just didn’t work. They argue banks manipulate gold, yet are they not trying to do the same thing by slandering me? Yes, these comments are even criminal. You cannot fabricate this nonsense with immunity. Just amazing how far some people will go to try to save gold.