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AT&T: The Biggest Traitor to the American People?

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NSA - Ft Meade

New revelations that the company who enabled the NSA to spy on the internet, which is really preparation for the coming age of asset confiscation and tax enforcement, is none other than AT&T. This is why we do not use any of their services. The New York Times reported that companies who do not protect their clients are traitors to their clients and nobody should do business with them.

Part of our long approach to releasing Socrates has been security. This is not only to prevent hackers from getting into the program, which can only be accomplished by not allowing the program to be directly online only its results, but for our high-end services to allow clients to safely input their portfolios to be tracked so Socrates can inform you when to change positions or add to them. Unlike Bloomberg, nobody on our end will be able to see your portfolio. There are two risks: FIRST, employees could have access to privileged information; SECONDLY, if we have an ability to see your portfolio, the government could subpoena us to turn over that info. I retired from making markets in gold back in 1981 when the IRS declared me to be a bank in order to gain access to our clients. So no thank you — been there, done that.

The coding of the actual AI trading and structure of analysis is done ONLY by myself. There is no employee to be bribed or compromised to get the code. That has been my personal confinement my whole life; that is what they focused on in the movie.

The only way to proceed is to eventually go public outside the USA for security reasons as well. Unless we can somehow ensure that this remains a private endeavor for the future, there is no point. It has been a choice between work and life. Perhaps the day will arrive where I will get married and try to enjoy life rather than working 7 days a week (no one in particular, what woman would put up with a chronic workaholic?).

All that requires security. What AT&T has done is real TREASON, for government is NOT sovereign, but the people are. We revolted against the monarchy — guess they forgot about that.