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Asset Allocation Model for Individuals

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Asset-Allocation Investments

We are working this weekend to get new features up for the sites. We are setting up the payment systems and automatic downloads for purchases, the layered Global Market Watch and we will be soon providing an Asset Allocation Service for Individuals. The Institutional Services monitor every stock, futures market, currency, everywhere within the Asset Allocation, but we respect that there are many people just trying to survive their own pension nightmare and the bulk of the fund management services out there has been a disaster to put it mildly. We are making every effort to ensure that the services are open to the public in this hour of need.

We are setting up ALL shares in China and Russia. We have begun establishing sites in these regions to service the entire world as rapidly as we possibly can. Please keep in mind I had originally intended to retire. I respect all our old friends and clients asking not to do that. So I am making a best effort to institutionalize the systems so that they will continue beyond me. The research I always wanted to do to expand the models is my priority. Personally, I do not need money so I have not bothered to charge for anything. However, to extend the company and to ensure the services will be there, it requires staff because I do have a shelf expiration date. Prices will be kept reasonable to help people and to provide staff with a future. What I do – I do for mental exercise and to finish creating what I set out to do.