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Asian v Western Views

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COMMENT: Martin,

I have read that in the world of eastern spiritual thought obedience to authority is identified as a normal characteristic for a soul whose consciousness is at the 2nd chakra level.  Apparently the ability and motivation to think for one’s self, to be a free thinker and thus a free person, does not develop until the 3rd chakra level.  Another source advises that the majority of souls on earth are at the 2nd chakra level. This may be self-evident.  Duh!

Given the repetitive nature of human behavior I feel it is not unreasonable to suspect that earth is like a grade in school where certain things are taught over and over. Evidence suggests that those who learn the lessons don’t redesign the school…they graduate and move on.

I read your blog daily and appreciate your efforts and wisdom.

All the best,


Janus Aes

REPLY: This is precisely why Asians have no problems with cyclical analysis. The prejudice is entirely in Western culture, which teaches seeing only in a straight line. This straight line perspective attempts repeatedly to reduce all events to a single cause and effect. Everything is connected so the outcome is not limited to the interaction of solely two instruments. There is indeed nothing new under the sun, it constantly repeats. Yet with each crash, never has Congress ever asked even once – Has anyone tried this solution before? Did it work? We never look backward, only forward. Even the Roman god Janus (for whom January is named) looked at the past to see the future. This is an old concept.