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As Kiev Burns – Just the Beginning

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UKRAINE-2-20-2014 a

Some people keep insisting that the events in Ukraine are caused by secret intervention from the West and in the process they are missing the importance of the trend. You can intervene all you want, but if the people are fat and happy – nothing but nothing will take place. Ukraine peaked really in 2000 and has not recovered. The Orange Revolution came in 2004 with a moderate bounce into 2007 and the collapse thereafter. No degree of intervention will change the attitude of a nation just as you cannot manipulate a market changing the long-term trend.


Berlin WallWe are in a collapsing period of socialism – the final end game to Marxism. This began in 1989 with the events in China and the fall of the Berlin Wall. But it also marked the peak in Japan. The process is a gradual one and historically it moves from one region to the next.

This has manifested in the widespread corruption among the political class that appears absolutely everywhere driven by the decline in real economic growth and the worst will come with the social problems that will erupt when the masses of people in the West discover not merely are the banks in trouble, but the pension expectation for the future are a pipe dream.

This is the world’s biggest problem looking ahead. Do not confuse the political posturing with the underlying trend. NEVER in history do we see such events erupt simultaneously everywhere. They are a CONTAGION that spread from one region to the next. It is not a question of using weapons and Molotov cocktails against the authorities and killing policemen. If you think this is somehow funded by the West and is intentional, you are dead wrong and are dismissing the fact that this is somehow unique to Ukraine. This is a glimpse of what is spreading – it just takes time.

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Bonus-Army-4After 2015.75 when the full brunt of the economic decline is reignited with the economic downturn in the USA, then we will begin to see what is taking place right now in Ukraine will erupt around the globe. ALL governments will respond the SAME way. The US government will fire upon its citizens no different and they call out tanks against the US veterans in 1932 also calling them criminals. DO NOT misinterpret what I am saying as my OPINION or support for one government v another. I am a student of history and I see no difference between governments regardless of the form. It is ALWAYS them against the people. What I am saying is very clear – this began over corruption and will escalate into political confrontation. To Putin, Ukraine is important and it is widely known he wants to rebuild the Soviet Union for power. Poland fears Ukraine in the hands of Russia for history suggests they will be next. Those in ALL government are concerned only with POWER.

TYLERGovernment massacring its citizens in revolt over economic reasons has been commonplace throughout history. There were French massacres as well as English. not to forget the 1381 Revolt in England of Wat Tyler.

It is the pattern that is unfolding in Ukraine that is important. This is not about US v Russia. This is about the people v government and this is the MAJOR TREND that given time we will see unfold. The mass protests in Europe have been peaceful PRIOR to the turn in the Cycle of War. Now they will turn violent and with 60%+ of the youth unemployment in Southern Europe and 60%+ of students burdened with student loans waiting on tables buried in debt they cannot escape from as formal education has stripped their future dreams of grand designs, this is JUST THE BEGINNING of a serious trend starting to rise. Arguing that this would never have happened but for intervention from the West misses the entire trend that is global.