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Are We Headed into Fascism?

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Banks in the USA now are required to report any wire of $3,000 or more and any cash withdraw as well. If you want to withdraw $5,000 in cash, you have to now fill out a form. Your money is no longer yours. Big Brother and his entire Family is now here to stay. Little by little, government needs money so desperately to keep funding their pensions at the expense of the people that they have now put in place a stranglehold on the global economy. This is setting the stage for the worst economic decline since the birth of Capitalism during the 14th century. It does not get any worse than this. They are destroying everything that has been built in a fraction of the time it took to create it. This is what happens when lawyers control the state. They know how to write laws, but not run a country.

Our crisis is simply Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand. Government also acts only in its self-interest and therein lies the problem. They are INCAPABLE of even contemplating that what they are doing is killing the world economy. Pure BRAIN-DEAD management.