Are we Headed Back to an Ice Age?

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One of the most shocking things I bumped into in the middle of the night was when I input the data on the energy output of the sun and then correlated that into our data base back to 6000BC. Low and behold, the 300 year cycle matched up with the rise and fall of empires, nations, and city states. Suddenly, the 309.6 year cycle of the ECM made sense. What I had discovered from tracking the footsteps of mankind was not the CAUSE, but the EFFECT. Nature came blasting through as a major contributor to the equation.

icebergs on Cape Cod

It appears that we are headed back into a colder period – not warmer. Nobody living today ever saw icebergs washing up onshore. This is very disheartening for I was enjoying Global Warming. Without the fanfare, we are seeing others take notice of the shift back to a mini-ice age. There is extreme complexity going on here to which we should keep an open mind.