Answering Your Questions & the Passport.

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“Great Article! I am impressed with the “real” nature of your research and ‘forecast’. Mainly because you did not use the fear factor to persuade the reader that if they don’t sell the farm and buy gold they will be ‘toothless, in a homeless shelter’.

Are you able to describe some of the scams some of the gold dealers use? Or at least recommend some reputable sources for your readers to consider when purchasing. Also, do you think coins or bullion are more exchangable in the future?”

The reason why there are so many US gold coins around is precisely because people hoarded. This is also what took place during the 3rd Century & why there are so many Roman coins that survived. It becomes a odd mix of stagflation (rising costs declining growth) and deflation (but rising value of hoarded alternative money). People simply hoard and will not spend when they worry about the future. Today, the polls show only 16% of Americans think they are better off today than 4 years ago. This is the STAGFLATION where there is still the flight-to-quality internationally driving the dollar higher and US rates lower, but there is no growth.

You are better off with coins than bullion insofar as an emergency stash is concerned. The average person would not know what to do with a bar. Any place you could redeem it could be seized by government. SO what you are really trying to accomplish is to be able to survive and in that cash coins are better for the average person will trust a $20 gold piece before a bar. Also, being in the bullion business way back when, I can tell you the average person cannot tell the difference between platinum and nickel. The same is true with diamonds. These types of things will not pass the common sense test. Hyperinflation is impossible for we would be at war before you ever got that far. Just as Roosevelt devalued the dollar and seized all the gold in banks, they will come up with a new currency to swap in order to hide what they have done. This is why all of these Draconian laws are coming to spy on everyone. They are scared to death of Revolution and they know the system is screwed. It is not a matter of IF – only when. There will be a monetary reform when the crisis hits, for that is the only think they can hope to retain power.

I will try to look at the sellers of gold and see if I can recommend who to trust.

The scams are numerous and always have been. Let’s see what I can put together.



“I’ve wondered if you were able to get your passport! Amazing how ‘they’ have targeted you, yet you have so much they could learn from, if only their minds were not on politics. Bureaucrats aren’t really allowed creative thinking are they? (:”

The Judge in New York has made it clear he does NOT want a public hearing on this issue of trying to deny me a passport. The government has reversed its position and will now consent that I may do the speaking tour in Bangkok and Berlin. So we will be doing a fall round San Francisco probably 3rd weekend in September, Bangkok end of October, and Berlin end of November. Why they are so afraid of what I have to say is mind-blowing. They act as if what I say dictates to the world. Instead of looking at the research objectively, no they want to pretend it would not happen if I kept my mouth shut. That is why these types of people work in government – they just hate our guts.