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Angry Birds & NSA

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The more revelations that come from the NSA demonstrates that what they are doing has absolutely nothing to do with terrorism. It turns out that the NSA & British Intelligence are constructing profiles on everyone right down to their sexual orientation. They are tapping into games like Angry Birds that has been a worldwide sensation. Of course there is now the alternative popping up – Angry Ukrainians.

hoover-Cross Dressing


These are sick people at the NSA and British Intelligence for what they are up to is the same nonsense that J. Edgar Hoover (1895–1972) was doing years ago – collecting data on everyone who might one day be his enemy for he personally sat in judgment over everyone. Of course we are all aware of the sick conduct of J. Edgar himself. After all, he blackmailed his way into retaining that position of power from being its first director in 1935 until his death in 1972. No one in American history has EVER held such power for life. Nobody would dare do anything against J. Edgar for he had files of absolutely everyone to maintain his power.

Given the personal conduct of J. Edgar, one must wonder if it takes one weirdo to suspect another. Mapping out people’s sexual preferences is not the sort of stuff that leads to hijacking airplanes. We all know the stories about J. Edgar after he passed on. One can only wonder why these people are spying on children mapping their sexual preferences for what purpose? I suppose Dianne Feinstein and Obama support this type of conduct as well.