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Ancient Coin Jewelry

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With Christmas Coming, many people would like the authentic Ancient Roman Coins we have a Jeweler make each coin in a custom necklace. Each one is hand-made in sterling silver bezel and chain with a nice gift box. The coins offered commonly in Jewelry stores are reproductions. These are coins taken from a hoard found in Britain. This is a limited offering since they cannot be mass-produced. They are all 3rd century Antoniniani of good quality, non-corroded and legible. The coins are hand placed in a custom bezel so they are not damaged or soldered into place ruining the value of the coin. This is a real chance to give a unique gift – a piece of history that cannot be duplicated. Please get your orders in before December to ensure delivery by Christmas.



3rd Century (Æ Antoninianus) . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  $240