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AMTRAK & PEI Reports

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong: I use to work in Washington and was introduced to you during the 1990s when AMTRAK use to distribute your World Capital Market Reports on the train between New York and DC. I wanted to say that you were absolutely correct on gold and the stock market when no one else was even close. When you said sell gold and buy the Dow back in 2011, I just want you to know, I did. You have more than doubled my retirement money. I followed you because I watched you in action. I realized it is indeed all connected and you push one up and the opposite must go down. Your call on gold would not have been correct if you were also not correct on the Dow. Your teachings have made a huge difference to many of us. Yes. All my friends from the HILL as you say 15 to 20 years ago read you all the time. Thank you so much.




REPLY: Thank you. If you understand the inter-connectivity and stop fighting the trend, yes it is true – money will grow on trees.

All the best