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Top Major Stocks (SAMPLE) – USIGSO 11-5-2013

We are bringing on-line the full scope of all stocks traded around the world including China. Institutional Clients who have been asking for this service are about to get your wish. We will be providing the entire world at your fingertips to (1) save you a fortune in research staff that would cost many millions of dollars just to track this type of data, and (2) this will allow you to avoid INSIDER TRADING charges given this is entirely computer generated with no human input.


Price action already incorporates all capital movement in anticipation of changes in trend. This is how the computer has been able to predict geopolitical changes as well such as the collapse of Russia more and 30 days in advance that resulted in Long-Term Capital Management crisis. We all know as when a stock declines on good fundamental news they report as it was not good enough. Fundamentals may seem reasonable and rational some times, but when the trend is down, bullish news is never good enough and in a bull market bearish news is quickly shaken off. The computer tracks patterns and trends. The fundamentals merely follow the trend.


The computer will also generate a detailed Global Market Watch providing history for each item it tracks so you can see what it has been projecting for the past 10 days, 5 weeks, and 5 months. This will allow you to follow its progress on any given item.

The computer will also write a specific report with the actual turning points and reversals on each and every item. This will allow you to use the Global Market Watch to highlight the markets, then you will be able to click on a specific item to obtain the detailed Global Market Watch in addition to the written report providing the specific targets for time and price.


Once you are familiar with the systems and how to use them, that knowledge can then be applied consistently to anything in the world. We will also be re-introducing the BIG MOVER forecast that targets golden opportunities worldwide. Forecasts of what will move the most for global traders scanning the entire world and providing that at your fingertips.

Pricing will vary according to the coverage you may need. But there is no portfolio that is too large and the cost savings will be vast for the largest institutions around the world. At last you will have an analyst that never sleeps or gets tired without a bad hair day.