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Every Nation is Being Forced into Tracking All Money Movements

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The USA is using the so-called terrorist card to track every penny globally. This of course is really about taxation, Now even Vietnam has issued a decision document enforceable in relation to money laundering. This is an Inter-Ministerial Circular regarding money laundering coming from the Ministry of Finance.

Vietnam has taken steps towards revision of its law, that includes anti-money laundering, measures to improve the system of money laundering and terrorist financing and the issuance of a document in accordance with the new Minister of terrorist financing. Hence, it has

 taken steps Towards Improving its AML / CFT regime, by issuing an Inter-Ministerial Circular INCLUDING on terrorist financing and its Amended AML Legislation.

If countries do not cooperate, they will be shut out of the clearing systems., Cayman Islands has opened and they even blocked the Vatican from wire transfers. This is all about eliminating privacy and to force you to pay whatever taxes they demand,