All Mirrors Have been Banned From Washington & Brussels

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All mirror must have been banned from Parliament in Brussels and Washington, DC because the majority of these politicians REFUSE to look at themselves straight on for fear what they might look like. They talk among themselves and ONLY see their point of view like the Gold Promoters who live in denial claiming the declines are never REAL only the rallies. Politicians do the same. All they see is their self-interest and also live in denial of the havoc they are causing around the world. The Gold Promoters see boogie men in everything, only monetization they swear will mean paper currencies will fall to dust and then what – we get austerity like Europe?

The politicians are too occupied with their own self-interest to pay attention to the future. They could care less about people – even their own children and posterity. They are creating a wasteland of pain and suffering that will only lead to war. This is what it is starting to appear like when we turn down again after 2015.75.