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Airlines Engaging in Consumer Fraud Sponsored by Congress?

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Hi Martin
Interesting seeing your comment on Government taxes on flights on Jan 29th. I thought you might like to see my British Airways ticket below. I have booked a return flight from London Heathrow to Krakow in Poland for a cost of only £84.60 for the 868 mile flight.
What is truly incredulous is that the return flight is costing a mere £12.99 and Government taxes are £71.61 or 85% of the ticket price!!!!
REPLY: The taxes on travel are unbelievable. But it get worse. A ticket to Florida is about $200. Try to change that ticket and they have a $200 fee. Don’t show up for a flight and they say it is non-refundable. But if 50% of the ticket is composed of taxes, the airlines sell the seat again and appear to be pocketing the taxes. Congress is trying to hide from the people what they are gouging people in taxes promote consumer fraud. If we sold a report for $1,000 and $500 of that is a tax, you cancel the report do we just refund the $500 or the tax that you paid on something you did not use?