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Advice to Europe

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QUESTION: Hi Martin,

Happy New Year 2014. Please keep up the fantastic work you are doing for all of us! It is a blessing that there are people like you, when in Europe we are cursed with hopeless politicians as Hollande and a Marxist IMF boss.

One question, you wrote the following in one of your last postings:

‘My advise to Europe – move as much as you can buying US stocks for now and even take delivery of the share certificates to prevent them from finding accounts in New York and demand they too be handed over. Hollande will come up with that one you can bet. He will weaken Europe and destroy the future of generations yet to come.’

I have asked several brokers if there is a possibility of delivery of shares or share certificates, and unfortunately each time the answer has been ‘no’. What broker(s) would you recommend for European people? Should we move to international brokers, that keep your money in non-european banks? Do you know any broker who will support delivery of share certificates? Thanks for your reply!

Kind regards, H

ANSWER: I will call some brokers I know personally to see what can be done. I can say things are different from they were before 2007. Large firms have international desks and will not allow you to even open an account with a local broker in the states. This is all about taxes and reporting these days. I will make an effort to see what I can do given there are so many European readers.