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A Report Reveals Intelligence Agencies Have Access to Entire Internet

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Documents have been surfacing illustrating that the American, British and Canadian intelligence agencies are violating civil liberties and the right top privacy on an alarming global scale. Such espionage work of entire countries has set democracy back decades. A team of scientists and journalists have now finally evaluated how the spies systematically map out and manipulate the Internet.

Stalin JosephThe British intelligence agency GCHQ has to completely monitored the entire Internet mapping everything to its destination. Using a program called HACIENDA, these paranoid spies have already accomplished full complete scans of 27 countries. There is no legislation to limit these people nor are there any justifications for such capabilities other than they are acting like Joseph Stalin and just have to know what everyone is saying and thinking not just planning and doing.

Now a team of scientists and journalists have published and evaluated what has been going on behind the curtain. Among the authors are award-winning international journalists Revelation as Jacob Appelbaum and Laura Poitras and Henrik Moltke, as well as researchers for Internet security and espionage fields. According to this expert team, there is a massive and virtually complete utilization of illegal surveillance of the internet. The documents have shown how the spies systematically map out and manipulate the Internet. The intelligence agencies are at war not just against civil liberties on the street, but with the entire internet and nobody will defend the people. They seek to “dominate” the Internet and the experts speak of a “colonization of the network.”

“The broad spying wide variety of services, including the available service information across the entire network, indicates that the target the active mapping and collection of vulnerable systems in the world and not about education to specific target systems or persons.”

All systems and people would, according to the report, be targeted victims of attacks, only to obtain credentials that would also be useful only indirectly:

“The secret attack every possible system, probably only because it may provide access to other systems. Because potentially opens yes there somewhere the path to a valuable target. “

Their infiltration of everything everywhere is so alarming and abusive, such methods with the goal of monitoring at this level internationally amounts to a global totalitarianism. The report has noted that these agencies have used taxpayer’s money to secretly build systems to monitor the very taxpayers and allowing them to take over systems on the Internet is really no different from “the typical patterns of cyber criminals who use port scans to identify potential victims.”

“Scanning the server of entire countries and search for vulnerable sites in the infrastructure of networks, ultimately consequently follows the aim of” mastery of the Internet “, a program coordinated by the GCHQ interception of network connections.”

The scary part is such data being gathered from the scans a database which would be distributed in the Club Five-Eyes-spies, to which the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand belong, can also be tapped into by others who could then bribe their way into such data. This seems to be the Anglo-Saxon nations that are the most paranoid. Nonetheless, all such agencies are absolutely immunized from a prosecution of such attacks.