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A New World Order – The End of Oil?

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We have been getting a ton of questions regarding energy since oil has broken the key level of $75 we gave years ago. Yes, this was a serious crack that may indeed break the trend of energy long-term. For this reason, our Institutional Report on the industry will be made available for everyone since the importance of the long-term in oil prices is now extremely critical.


A lot has changed from electric cars to where solar energy will soon be cheaper than coal. Natural Gas is exploding and it warms the hearts and feet of Europeans in the winter. Yet all of this is changing the prospects for oil on a long-term basis. Those who have touted the end of the petro-dollar and shifting pricing to other currencies is no big deal. No matter what currency one conducts a transaction in, at the end of the day, all that matters is where you park the money and that comes back to dollars.

CRUDE-W 11-4-2014 CRUDE-Y 11-1-2014Oil has broken critical support. A year-end closing BELOW $75 will signal the paradigm shift is trend that people assumed would never happen. Yet things are moving and shaking and the future is going to be substantially different from whatever the majority have just presumed.

We will advise when this report is ready for delivery