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Congress to Investigate What Prosecutors Did to Swartz

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They now say they will have a Congressional investigation over the suicide of Aaron Schwartz. The outrage of how the USA prosecutes crimes and then has the audacity to say China does not respect human rights when prosecutors do nothing but engage in mental torture to always get people to confess, is starting to dawn on people outside the USA. Meeting with governments outside the USA was interesting. They all said the same thing – the US has become the school yard bully and no respect for international law.Less than 2% of cases EVER go to trial. Prosecutors never want to prove anything at trial – just win for their resume. They threaten you with 10 times more penalties if you go to trial. If you testify for yourself and lose, they tack on 5 more years for “perjury” saying the jury did not believe you.

Every possible inhuman aspect they pull. When I was in court and told the lawyer I could make Judge Owen rule the most absurd things because of his outrageous bias, since he ONLY ruled for government all the time, the lawyer asked: What do you mean? I asked Judge Owen for a glass of water – he ruled denied!

They threatened to imprison Michael Milken’s grandfather if he did not plead. They could not go to trial because there was NEVER a case against him. Prosecutors ALWAYS attack your family to win and oppose everything you ever ask for irrespective of the law or morality. I wrote a letter to Dorothy Heyl SEC prosecutor saying fine, I would commit suicide like they forced Schiffer to do if they did not stop attacking my family. They even froze my mother’s social security and almost killed her denying her the ability to even get medicine. I warned them, I would make damn sure everyone knew what they were doing and I would NOT go so quietly into the light. They backed off ONLY after I put that in writing about how inhuman their tactics really are. These people use their position to get fame only to get high paying jobs, run for Mayor and possibly President over a field of dead bodies they create in their wake to glory. They disgrace the integrity of the United States on the stage of international politics and threaten the US press if they every print the truth.

It would be nice just for once to have a REAL grilling that is not rehearsed to pretend that Congress actually gives a shit and does its job. If anybody truly believes that anyone just shows up and they question you off the cuff, you have no idea of what these “shows” are all about. The fundamental principle is YOU NEVER ASK A QUESTION YOU DO NOT ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO!

Your lawyers in advance sort out questions and nothing is ever left for chance. Even in court, when I tried to call an employee James Smith to the stand to testify regarding the Department of Energy request for us to build a model to forecast energy prices for the government out decades in advance with actual reliability, Judge Owen would not let him testify and said plainly – I do not know what he will say.

Internationally, no one should extradite anyone to the US legal system until it is REALLY cleaned up. The USA has no respect for human rights at all and as to your Constitutional Rights, you have none because the government gets to do what they want and you have to hire a lawyer to PROVE you have some right. That is by no means any “right” worth having. Even in NJ, the police set up road blocks, pull every car over and ask for papers please! It is not a DWI. This is during the day looking for anything they can write tickets for. It is always about the money.