Rand Paul moves to Repeal FATCA

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Senator Rand Paul this month introduced a bill to repeal FATCA. This Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is by far the single worst act in history and it is primarily the cause of setting in motion a global depression of untold proportions. If we do face a Dark Age, this will be the very last nail to seal the coffin on the global economy. This is one primary reason that we are seeing a global downturn outside the USA for it has been forcing Americans to return and stay home. As American capital has been withdrawing from the world economy, we see massive deflation outside the USA and the capital flows pointing back in. FATCA is anti-civilization for it seeks to destroy the natural synergy that propells the economic growth all because these politicians are incapable of any possible fiscal management. They are destroying the world economy and there is no place to hide. We will all suffer because of this insane legislation.