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Trying to Manipulate Reviews – NY Boys are Amazing

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COMMENT: Hi there – I saw the movie last night having booked my ticket well in advance. When I got there there were several people enquiring about tickets but the Box office lady told them it was already sold out. They were shocked. All age groups at the viewing as well. Everyone knows the charges against you were just bogus.

Best, Sam


REPLY: It is very interesting that so far the film has a 7.8 review but when you look, they have Americans entering a rating of 1 and Europeans 10. It is clear that the NY boys are desperately still trying to get people not to see this film. If it was bullshit, they would not care. The fact that to put out such a film they even had to have Error & Omission insurance so all the facts had to be reviewed by independent lawyers. They approved the insurance for all the facts in a documentary must be proven or else they could sue. So they refused to be interviewed for the film so all they can do is try to create rumors and influence ratings.


No matter what they say, I stood up and objected to them taking all the tapes that would have exposed the illegal market manipulation by the banks back in 1999. This was a giant cover-up to protect the banks. Then the very receiver who demands all these tapes, Alan Cohen, amazingly becomes a board member of Goldman Sacks but continues to be the receiver running Princeton Economics. You cannot make up this stuff.


Here are the transcripts about the computer self-destructing, the fact that after the bank plead guilty they refused to release me and held me in contempt without any charges or allegations. Cohen admits there is no description of anything to hold me. Just take him away and we will figure it out later.


The NY banks control government as they just paid to have Dodd-Frank repealed, and they own the NY judges who would never even bother to read the contracts and would have seen we bought portfolios, we were not managing money. This is the REAL face of the legal system in NYC and of course they will NEVER investigate or prosecute their own.


The Constitution is a scrap of paper. It means absolutely nothing. I had no 5th Amendment right because they said I was a corporate officer and corporations are not people (Braswell v. United States, 487 U.S. 99 (1988)).  Yet in 2010, the Supreme Court rules corporations are people for the First Amendment and can spend money for political elections, see Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 US 310 (2010).

You are whatever they need you to be to achieve the immediate goal. There is no rule of law left in the United States. It is just a joke.

TR02072000 Tapes
Cohen Seizes Evidence on all Bank Manipulations
Owen Changing Transcripts  TR01072002 - No Criminal Description TR01072002 - HSBC Criminal Plea