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Movie – When Will it Hit The USA?

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QUESTION: Hi Martin,

I read your site everyday along with many others. You are the only one who sees how everything is connected.

I am curious how someone like me  ( in US) would be able to see The Forecaster.  Do you know if it will ever be available on Netflix?

Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


ANSWER: The film will be released worldwide. It will move to theaters by next April. The demand for this film is incredible. It seems to have hit that sweet spot. Outside the USA, the world distrusts the US regulators who have been seen as protecting the bank-manipulators at all cost. This has really diminished the respect for America internationally among the people who really count. I seriously doubt that anyone in the USA will be able to prevent this movie from now being seen worldwide. Anyone who even attempts to prevent this movie from being seen will be viewed as part of the corruption that is causing taxes and unemployment to rise and accountability to collapse. Anyone who tries to defend the manipulators as never being involved in manipulation will also be considered part of that corruption. There are far too many people coming forward now about what has been going on behind the curtain.