What do you Want for Free?

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Why shouldn’t the rich pay more taxes? You defend the billionaires at the expense of the average person. How do you justify that?

ANSWER: There are not enough billionaires to pay the bill for everyone else. Job growth since 1948 in government reached 310% in 2009 compared to 170% in non-farm private jobs. Male job growth has increased only 65% since 1948 on par with population growth while female job growth has increased about 135%. Women won the right to work, but lost the right to stay home.

The problem is NOT that the rich do not pay enough, it is that government takes too much from the economy as a whole. You can listen to the propaganda all you want and believe they will only target the rich. But they ALWAYS go after everyone. There are videos of IRS agents dragging pregnant women out of their cars leaving them on the streets and confiscating the cars. The latest is taking your money claiming some family member owed them money.

My point is not to protect the billionaires – it is to protect society from those that plunder everything we have. The only viable solution is to restrict the size of government. I disagree with the social state for it would be cheaper for just about everything to be private and far less corruption. They started the income tax swearing they were only targeting the rich – lie. Then they started the payroll tax so they could give you social security – now people pay more in SS than taxes and they keep raising the age and reducing the payouts. If you want to believe these people are honest and care about you, great. Have a nice dream. When it comes time to collect – well you will discover your entire life trusting them was wrong. Then what? You die in some ditch dead broke and nothing to support you when you can no longer work? Believe what you want. The Jews were offered free showers. What do you want for free?