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VA Scandal – More Evidence that Government is INCAPABLE of Planning

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VA Scandal-2

QUESTION: Do you have any insight into the VA Scandal?

ANSWER: Just do the math. After 13 years of war the number of people requiring care increased 50%. We are quick to send people into battle, but there is zero planning for the consequences of those wars.  Just more brain-dead planning – or should I say – the lack of planning. Abolish the VA hospital system and give the vets private care. At least there the infrastructure is in place. Even if they figured out this is the real problem, they cannot expand the facilities and hire the staff to relieve the problem. Give the people FULL coverage in the private sector and that just may spark a reality check that these wars are going to COST a lot more money than people thought so perhaps they will not be so eager to wage war on the world.