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The Observer – not the Creator

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COMMENT: Martin, In many ways I’ve long viewed your work as the reverse side of Shrodinger’s cat — more able to predict the time upon which events that will turn out to have been of significance will occur than what those events will be.  One thought I’ve pondered reading through your material over the last few years is whether there is any point in intentionally aligning significant changes with the specific turning points within the model; trying to ‘catch the wave’ if you will.

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REPLY: When you consider that the Economic Confidence Model is a transverse wave of a fixed time length and these dates were generated more than 30 years ago based upon economic data, it is truly fascinating that here we are and everything from the 4 Blood Moons line up to within 2 days of the 2015.75 turning point and Congress pushed the whole debt issue off until the precise day of the ECM is just amazing. There is such order hidden behind everything that it is honestly unbelievable.

A client has tweeted a picture of a slide from our 1998 World Economic Conference tour we did around the globe. In retrospect those forecasts were simply astonishing all based upon alignments with the ECM. I think if I had another whole lifetime, this whole thing would keep me occupied trying to figure out this amazing order masked by what people think is random chaos. The ECM is simply the frequency of life for everything seems to align with it no matter what the field. The mere fact there are the Four Blood Moons that line up to 2 days before the turning point 2015.75 when there was no input regarding planetary movement is just mind-bending.

This is not my theory – it was my discovery. I have spent my life trying peel back the veil of chaos hiding the order beneath for truly everything is connected. This is why I say this has been a journey of which we are all a part of – not some theory I set out to prove. I have been the observer – not the creator