2017.05 Ideal Target for the Cycle Inversion in Thinking

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QUESTION: Hello Martin

So what I can understand about the potential upcoming cycle inversion is that it will not produce a phase transition in equities going into Sept 2014 but after Oct 2015.

Is that correct ?

Also when is the earliest that we will know if this phase transition will occur ?

Thank you again for your tremendous help.


ANSWER: It is not yet confirmed that we will have a Cycle Inversion or a Phase Transition. This will start to be decided by March dependent upon the price action in Jan/Feb. The Cycle Inversion could take place after 2015.75 or even on the next wave that peaks in 2024 followed by the 2032. A Cycle Inversion takes place normally within the last 3 waves. The ideal time for it is 31.4 years into the wave structure and that means the wave began in 1985.65 plus 31.4 years gives us 2017.05. We may have to wait until that target. How we approach that in 2014 will reveal a lot of the nature of this entire wave. We could see the start of a Cycle Inversion in 2014. It will be subtle. The thinking process will begin to change dramatically starting in January 2017. The reason I am warning we may begin to shift is because we also have the convergence of the Cycle of War in 2014.