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2015 World Economic Conference Nov 7/8 Princeton, NJ

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We will be holding the Fall World Economic Conference in the States in Princeton, New Jersey the weekend of November 7th and 8th. We are in the process to trying to nail down the venue and dates for the European World Economic Conference for late November to early December most likely in Berlin. We will then go over the best strategy and where to invest to survive the coming crazy 4.3 year period. We will look at world capital flows and global share markets, currency, and all commodities bringing the global picture together so we can see the trend ahead.

We have exceeded 500 in reservations already. Those who are contemplating wanting to attend, we ask that you please make a reservation now. With the advent of the film showing in theaters throughout Europe and requests are coming in from everywhere in Europe as well as Moscow, we want to make sure that our regular client base secure a seat before there are none. Doing two events back to back is a lot of work and I am not getting younger here. So this is not 1987 where I can do three weekends in a row because everyone is trying to get in due to the crash. So this will be a limited event one-time only on each side of the Atlantic.