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2014 International Precious Metals Outlook

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As mentioned, everyone who purchases the 2014 Precious Metals Report will receive a complimentary update. This update is separate from the new 2015 Precious Metals Report, which will include information on the impending gold rally and the overall future outlook for precious metals.

The 2014 International Metals Outlook $400.00

Over 400 Pages for Reference Use for the Next Year

This is the most extensive report we have ever written on the metals group covering gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper as well as the Silver/Gold Ratio. This report illustrates the reason why gold has not risen since bull markets are defined only when an object rises in terms of ALL currencies. We have provided gold and silver expressed in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs Japanese Yen, and the first long-term view in Chinese Yuan ever published.

Each currency perspective is provided in weekly to yearly level analysis with the computer trading positions as well. Each level provides the Reversals, Arrays, and Technical Analysis. We have also provided a global perspective of the arrays in a correlated manner.

The leading articles explain the difference in trend, thinking between former Communist States and the West that are important to grasp as to why the East even buys gold for they do not have the same perspective as the West, and we have provided the cyclical convergence models that target the most likely weeks for the final low in gold and silver. Also included is the prospect of electronic currency in changing the role of gold and silver and the shocking collapse in world capital flows that is exceptionally alarming.

The Report Contains:

  • Gold in the Future
  • Consequences of the Collapse in Capital Flows
  • The Future Prospects of Gold
  • Myth of Gold as the Savior
  • The Chicken or the Egg – What Comes First – Inflation or Deflation?
  • Correlations
  • When Gold & Silver Converge

We have included the convergence model in addition to the Basket of Currency Perspective that reveals the real trend. We have been able to illustrate the key weeks for the final low in gold and silver using the convergence models. These models pinpointed the highs in gold and silver in 1980 to the day and the 1999 low right to the week for the start of the real bull market. This cyclical convergence is exceptionally important for it eliminate opinion and hopes from just the facts.

This report is global in its perspective that allows everyone from all nations to grasp the real picture for the metals group and the changing role of gold and silver in the new age of electronic money. Here you will find at last the real reasons to justify gold and silver investment without all the hype of fiction that has dominated the sale of precious metals for far too long. This report is the real reason why gold and silver have their place in a portfolio and it has nothing to do with the claims that involve the stock market will collapse over night and only gold will survive. Brushing aside all that nonsense, we finally get to the real heart and soul of investment strategy – not fiction.

The 2014 International Metals Outlook $400.00


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