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NSA Task Force Report – Are We Entitled To Our Files?

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WhiteHouseThe White House task force report on the NSA has shocked many proving that Snowden is indeed a hero and not a traitor. The report has revealed that not even those who supervised the NSA knew what was going on. The Task Force recommends sweeping reforms that Obama really cannot now ignore. The report was released just days after the federal judge in the Washington DC District Court slammed the NSA’s collection of telephone metadata as likely to be unconstitutional no less unethical. The Task Force has urged limits on NSA spying but does not suggest stopping the practice altogether.

Stasi East GermanyRT has reported that Putin has come out and made a statement: “I envy Obama because he can spy on his allies without any consequences.” The real interesting question is should someone now file for a Freedom of Information Act Request to see everything in their file collected by the NSA and various agencies? When the Berlin Wall fell and the government shortly thereafter, East Germans were able to get their files that the Stasi had collected. I personally know people from the East who upon reading their files were shocked at how neighbors were reporting on them. People they thought were friends were spying on them. What would Americans do if they were able to get their files and see how EVERY phone call they have made is there along with emails and surfing the internet by Google Search. How tolerant would the public be when they really understood to what extent they have been tracked?

I have one friend who applied to be a police officer. The questions he had to answer included every girlfriend he had back to high school. And what will they do with that information? Go interview them and ask did they have willing sex or were they duped being promised he would love them for the rest of their lives? (Meatloaf Paradise by the Dashboard Lights). To what extent are there dossiers on everyone in the United States?