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Gold Manipulation?

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QUESTION: Hello Mr. Armstrong,

You just wrote, “But rationally looking at this, the seller will actually hurt themselves because they are not achieving the best possible price.”

Isn’t that the point, the seller is not attempting to achieve the best price.

Your statement acknowledges this is not being done for profit – so then what’s the reason?

If the trend is known, why can’t manipulation be used to expedite or prolong that trend?


ANSWER: This theory has been applied all the time in every market crash. The problem is they have never found someone who has attempted such a scheme. The danger is you push the price down and you buy but there is no one left to lift it up again because you destroyed the market. It is the short-players the but in the early stasges that make the market rally. In EVERY manipulation I have seen right down to the Buffett silver purchase, I came out and stated “THEY ARE BACK” and were taking silver from $3.50 to $7 in 4 months and were then going to crash it. They know if they get the metals to move up, the Goldbugs cheer buy from them at the top, and then the crash the market EVERY time. This strategy wiped out the Hunts by using them to get every small investor to buy silver and they have paid fake analysts claim it will go to $100. I knew of the Hunts almost 10 years before 1980. Why did everyone hear about them in the last few months? That news was DELIBERATELY put out to get the average person to BUY, BUY and BUY more so the manipulators can sell the high.

Manipulations work with CONFIDENCE. It is risky to sell something to drive the price down and then you buy at some cheaper price. It is far easier to buy at the current levels and put out fake news about shortages and get people excited to jump in and buy before they miss the boat. This do this to the metals crowd ever time.


These are just excuses that these promoters who told you to BUY are really right, and NEVER wrong – it is just a fake manipulation as it was for 19 years 1980-1999. The say the same mantra even when a market collapses by 62%. In Japan, everyone kept holding stocks because they swore the government would force the price up and save the day. They lost their shirts, companies, and jobs. It is what it is.

If you have to make up excuses to explain the current price action, then you are wrong – NEVER the market. Why keep fighting the trend? It makes no sense. What goes up, always goes down, and then it goes back up again. Anyone who makes excuses that it is manipulation and they are really right – come on. If they were a professional they should have KNOWN when the manipulation would take place. Why tell people to only buy when YOU KNOW there is a manipulation? This makes absolutely NO SENSE! It was my job to warn clients when a manipulation was starting. I did that all the time. The NY Crowd hated my guts for it and have analysts now trying to tell people do not listen to me as they did before so they can dump position on you.


The Roman Goddess Fortuna held a cornucopia in one hand and the other on the rudder of a ship depicting the fact that she could change the course of your future on sheer whim. It was a concept that the course of events can change so never could on a one-way staircase to haven.

I have never seen a DELIBERATE action to prolong a trend EVER, and beside that, it cannot be done. It does not matter if it is gold or Azuki beans. Nothing trades in isolation. So you cannot prolong the downtrend in gold without altering the entire interconnected global economy. This is just again more nonsense. For what? $200 million gold order? Come on. We are dealing in trillions today.

The decline in gold is within the normal time frame of a typical standard reaction. I warned you ALWAYS get this type of correction after 13 years up. The correction is 2-3 years and that is NOT a change in long-term trend – merely a reaction. So the intraday high is 2011 and the highest annual close was 2012. This brings us to the MINIMUM target for a low being 2014 with the max 2015. So nothing has changed. Even the arguments against what I have said remain UNCHANGED despite the fact that the price keeps falling.

So do not kill the messenger. It is time to shed the bias and become a professional trader. I could care less if it is up or down. The object is to survive and make money. So what is the big deal?