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Conspiracy Theories

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I amazed that Armstrong doesn’t believe there is a cabal of high-level globalists who sit higher on the totem pole than the dumb politicians. It causes me to question whether maybe he is complicit with the globalist bankers. It is well known that the globalist bankers have very long-term planning. Carroll Quigley documented this.


Either Armstrong is complicit but I doubt it. Rather I think Armstrong doesn’t believe the globalist bankers exist because he hasn’t studied them in historical research. But has he not heard of Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Soros, the Bilderberg meetings, the Trilateral Commission, the upper echelon of the CFR, etc.


I think Armstrong is just speaking matter-of-factly when he says the direction will be the one-world digital reserve currency:

REPLY: I really think all of this conspiracy nonsense is absurd. YES there are groups that get together like G20 and Bilderberg meetings. I have even been the keynote speaker at such elite banking meetings. However, wanting to do something and actually being able to do it is another thing all together.

I have the fortune of knowing some very talented people. You can hypnotize someone by gradually lowering your voice in a steady manner. They will put you under. The great Indian Guru who got everyone doing TM, sent people in his “City Project” under the theory that the concentration of people in a certain area could defuse a situation. He saw my model as being able to fit in to then manipulate the world economy and TM consciousness. He sent two people over with a private jet to Australia to convince me to fly to India for a meeting. I noticed, thanks to my training, they were gradually lowering their voices trying to hypnotize me. I said stop. Is this how you get people into your click? They became immediately defensive and say oh no, they only seek to lower the resistance and tensions. I said no way.

We had “Uncle Ed” Rothschild implant his nephew into our company. I began getting calls from clients asking what was going on because he had gone through my roledex calling clients saying to buy a horrible Canadian mining company so Uncle Ed could sell his position. So if you think these people “know” and are in absolute control of everything, you are buying into bullshit.


They hated my guts and they put the words in the mouth of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission who never met a banker it did not kneel to. These people tried to manipulate markets – not the world. They were all jumping into Russia after they bailed out and sold Southeast Asia. They invited me to the IMF dinner Edmond Safra paid for to try to get me to join them. I told them Russia would fail. When it did, they argued it was me who manipulated the world economy because I had more influence than they did.

Let’s put this straight. If such groups were all powerful, then why do they go bust with each crash and run to government for bailouts? I do not disagree that there are groups who “try” to control things, but there is no way they can stop anything from happening.


I do not speak of these things off the cuff. I have had FIRST HAND up front experience. All the conversations I ever had about the markets and manipulations were on tapes. There was also a group of us who monitored what these people were up to next. All of that evidence that in a REAL government would have sent them to jail, magically vanished in the collapse of World Trade Center 7 – the building that magically fell by itself in less than 7 seconds and was not hit by anything. CONVENIENT?