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Everything is a Cycle

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COMMENT: Hello Mr. Armstrong,

I’m a mechanical engineer and Trader by profession who grew up in Germany.
About three years ago I stumbled across your story and since then I read every article from your website.
Thank you very much for your continuous work to open the eyes of people!

As I grow older (40 now) I understand more and more of your cycle theory in business and in our life’s.
Interestingly the same rising awareness about the normality of business cycles and the real thread that communism/socialism implies can also be found in nearly all aspects of our life.

For example since decades people in the weight lifting world believed that you have to feed your body with something like six to eight meals a day to give your body an constant flow of nutrition’s and that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
Now science found out that our bodies don’t like this unnatural way of constantly being feed.
Even in the opposite people who ate only one to three meals a day and also had an impressive time window without food at all (for example the whole night and the whole morning like our ancestors) where performing better, felt better and where more healthy. (Google for “intermittent fasting” if you want to know more).
All species on our planet where used to cycles and furthermore need those cycles to succeed.

This “brilliant” ideas of communism/socialism where not only killing more people like anytime before in history but also forcing us into a boring life full of mediocrity and dullness.

I wish you all the best and please don’t stop with your work!



REPLY: You are correct. Personally, I have lost 30 lbs just getting back to my old eating habits – once a day. I grew up as a trader and the markets never closed for lunch – so you just did not take one. I am about 5 lbs over where I was but I feel 10 times better, my doctor said whatever risks I had are now gone. He is amazed.

But I have had clients in the field of medical research who took groups of animals and gave one all they wanted to eat and the other enough to sustain energy without starving. The latter lived 20% longer. They have cures now for grey hair and can clone various parts. My clients in that field tease me and say they will be able to make me live until I am 200 soon. I said no thanks – I cannot endure that many more fake elections.

For one of the big mining companies, they ordered their CFO to meet with me after taking a serious loss. No matter what I said, his reply was it could be a coincidence. I then asked what was his background. He hesitated knowing he was not “formally” trained in school to be a CFO. He replied – nuclear physics. I said great. Let’s talk about the markets from the perspective of the laws of Thermodynamics. He looked at me stunned. His mouth even dropped. He then said OMG, there has to be a cycle. I said you got it.

Tower of Babel Bruegel - Peter

You have good days and bad days. Women have their menstrual cycle. We are born, we live, and we die. This is why all the conspiracy theories about grand global bankers in control of the economy is just absurd. They live from trade to trade. They cannot defeat the business cycle no matter what they try. Would they always advise governments wrong to scheme for themselves – that goes without question. But are they really in control of the global economy – no way. Man cannot defeat nature – just cannot not. He can build his towers of Babel  it just will not work.