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Communism v Socialism

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Russian Communist Revolution Anniversary

QUESTION: You said communism fell by itself. Is this what is taking place with socialism?

ANSWER: Absolutely. Communism fell all by itself. There was no great battle with the West. State centralized planning eliminates innovation by the people (Invisible Hand) whereby necessity and opportunity are the keys to further society. If you even take the period known as the Younger Dryas whereas this was the reason why North America lost the unique megafauna that roamed the continent, including huge saber-toothed cats, a giant sloth, and colossal camels. This cold period is also thought to have spurred the shift from hunter-gathering to agricultural-society as the means of production for humanity. As temperatures dropped from the impact of a comet in Canada around Quebec, animal life declined and this scarcity in food forced humans to control their food supply developing agriculture. This also then reduced roaming and transformed humans into territorial creatures. This was the Invisible Hand where we adapt to conditions out of necessity and opportunity.

Socialism is dying because of the very same disease – state centralized planning/regulation. Keynesianism is all about trying to manipulate the demand of the population. But the state emerges as its own entity. Therefore, the state will pursue its own self-interest and thus it exploits the people to maintain its existence. This is why we also must crash and burn. You cannot tell government it should do this or else that will happen. They will not act in the interest of the people – only themselves.