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February Writings, and the “Hole”

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There have been two new reports published by Martin Armstrong in February, both posted on our “Writings” page. The second report, Behind the Curtain Part II was written just before Martin was apparently thrown into the “hole” at Fort Dix.

It has been suggested that the conditions inside of Fort Dix federal prison are deteriorating under a new Warden and many “privileges” have been suspended, raising tensions among the 400 inmates.

Martin seems to have attracted extra attention from the BOP staff due to his frequent writings, mail and press inquiries. Fort Dix has already tried to move Martin before, which is illegal while he has pending habeas corpus filed with the Supreme Court.

On February 24th the BOP staff allegedly searched Martin’s locker and discovered legal work of other inmates he is helping – something that is allowed to do, but is supposedly not allowed to maintain copies of in his locker. In addition, it is rumored that the BOP staff also found letters Martin had written complaining about conditions at Fort Dix. In short, for whatever the reason, or collection of reasons, the staff allegedly found it justified to put Martin in solitary confinement, which as of today the prison would only confirm he is in a “special housing unit” and would not give reason or duration of time.

Updates will be posted here once the situation and its resolution is confirmed.