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Taxing the Rich

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There has been a major effort to hunt down offshore accounts by all governments. They do not see what they are doing to the world economy how they are closing it down and how that will lead to a massive global economic implosion. Everything that built civilization is being torn apart. A joint investigation by the UK, the US and Australia to identify those using offshore tax havens to hide wealth has uncovered more than 100 people. The “money laundering” laws that were once for drug dealers and terrorists are now including anyone they think owe taxes. They are criminalizing everything and that will justify confiscation of ALL assets.

The likes of Bill Gates and his buddy Warren Buffett are supporting the destruction of commerce with taxing the rich to support a corrupt system that is doomed. It is easy for them to say yes tax the rich even more when you are talking about income. How would they respond to the confiscation of assets? Why do they not donate everything they have keeping just enough for a middle class lifestyle and give it all to government? They would never be where they are had taxes been much higher when they were trying to get started. The assumption is that government is being properly run and the problem is always the individual. They have their’s so the hell with everyone else. Turn it all in if you want to advocate such fiscal-irresponsibility. Neither has to worry about Social Security and how that has been taking more in taxes from people than income tax with no refunds.What is the end game? They obviously are ignorant of history for this can only lead to one place. If they tax 100% of the “rich” who are defined as household income $250,000 or more not billionaires, government will ALWAYS spend more. It never stops until it collapses.