British Politics in Disarray?

The “remain” crowd thinks this is all over in Britain because Boris Johnson will not seek the PM position in the Tories, and this appears to be setting [...]

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Democracy Is More Than A Right to Vote

The first thing government and the majority of academics try to hide is the business cycle for they argue only their policies will eliminate something that is part [...]

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Greece & Its Banks

Any hope that Greece will now negotiate with its creditors should help to hold the euro for now. But keep in mind that Brussels has still not changed its mind or [...]

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Margaret Thatcher Was the ONLY Head of State Who Saw the Risk of the Euro

Let’s face reality. Margaret Thatcher was a polarizing figure for most in Britain failed to understand what she really was trying to accomplish. Her whole [...]

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This Time It Is Different

For years, I have warned that we will face our worst nightmare – the collapse of socialism. In the death throes of this abomination that even the Ten Commandments [...]

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The New Age of Economic Totalitarianism & the London Meeting to End Currency

I have been warning that the governments of the West are in severe trouble. We face the worst economic crisis, perhaps in modern history, with the distinct risk of [...]

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