Sri Lanka’s Economy Completely Collapsed

Protestors swarmed President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s palace in Sri Lanka, forcing him to flee and step down. The entire government in Sri Lanka will be restructured. [...]

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Plastic Bag Ban

COMMENT: The grocers near me have banned plastic bags. Off timing. Grocery bills are more than I’ve ever seen ..ever. I wont buy as much if theres a few bags [...]

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Walgreens Rationing Baby Formula

Walgreens announced that it has begun to ration baby formula amid the supply chain crisis. The rule will go into effect for all 9,021 locations. Customers may only [...]

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The Model on War & Food Shortages

During a war, food production collapses because tanks have a tendency to plow down crops. Here is a food ratio book from World War II in the United States where [...]

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Bare Shelves

Winter Weather Exacerbates Supply Chain Crisis

Comment: This is a Whole Foods in a high to middle income suburb in the northeast on January 4, 2022. I live near numerous ports from NJ, PA, to NY. I have lived [...]

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